Born in 1978, Budapest, Hungary

Lives and works in Budapest, Hungary


2012 Gemma Drapper workshop / Antwerpen

2011 Sympozium – Atelier Em, Bratislava

2010-2012 Semmelweis University / Menthal Health and Organization Development, Budapest

2007 Ted Noten workshop – BIAD, Birmingham

2000-2005 Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest (MOME) / Art and Design teacher / Budapest

1999-2004 Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest (MOME) / Product Design / Budapest

Awards & Scholarships

2011 Jewellery of the Year / Special prize: „I love you, Barbie” necklace / Jewellery of the Year / II.: „Shopping Madonna” necklace

2008 Kozma Lajos prize 

2006 Kozma Lajos prize

2004 Jewellery Journey – Around the world, Shanghai

2002 Erasmus – ELISAVA, Barcelona

Exhibitions (selected)

  • 2020

Jewellery not Only Jewellery – Putti Gallery, Riga

Power – Galleri Sebastian Shildt, Stockholm

Los Angeles Art Show / with Charon Kransen Arts

Art Palm Beach / with Charon Kransen Arts

  • 2019

Dezemberausstellung Galerie Biró, Munich

SOFA, Chicago / with Charon Kransen Arts

NYC Jewellery Week / with Charon Kransen Arts

FRAME  Platina gallery @ Handwerksmesse, Munich

Le Stanze del Possibile. Jewellery variations and inspirations on Italo Calvino’s “Six memos for the next Millennium” – Hannah Gallery, Barcelon / curated by Nichka Marobin

Jewelry is like food. If you eat it you will want more  Galerie Biró, Munich

Kilkenny Castle and National Design & Craft Gallery, Ireland

Diversity Galore – Atta Gallery, Bangkok, curated by Charon Kransen

Viewpoints – Platina Gallery, Stockholm

Precious – Galleri Sebastian Shildt, Stockholm

  •  2018

NYC Jewellery Week / with Charon Kransen Arts

SNAG, Portland / with Charon Kransen Arts 

Design Resistance – MODEM, Debrecen

DIY Magic – FERi, Budapest

SOFA, Chicago / with Charon Kransen Arts

The Metamorphosis of Pearls in Contemporary and Conceptual Jewellery Gallery Putti, Riga

Next to the skin WCC-BF gallery / Mons

European Prize for Applied Arts exhibition WCC-BF Gallery, Mons

Schmuck2018  Galerie Biró Junior, Munich

The Language of Things The Dowse Art Museum / Petone Settlers Museum, New Zealand 

Charismatic Ordinariness CEU, Budapest

  • 2017

Pearls Upside Down Galeria Reverso, Lisbon

FORM, Miami / with Charon Kransen Arts

SOFA, Chicago / with Charon Kransen Arts

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious  Gallery Putti, Riga 

tog_ther Kunstpavillon, Munich

SCHMUCK2017, Munich

The frame that blinds us  APA Gallery, Budapest

  • 2016

Reproduced Paradise – Villa Váncza, Budapest

Connection with the clouds – Gallery Putti, Riga
(Illusion) Interior – Petőfi Literary Museum, Budapest
SCHMUCK2016 / The Box – Galerie Biró Junior + Platforma,Munich

  • 2015

“festlisch” – Galerie Biró Junior, Munich
Contemporary Past – Gallery Putti, Riga 
SCHMUCK2015 / Projekt #3 – Galerie Biró Junior, Munich
SCHMUCK2015 / On the elementary power of Jewellery – Maximilians Forum - Passage für Kunst und Design (Gisbert Stach-chal), Munich

  • 2014

Play Hard! – Brody Studios, Budapest 
Dream as Morning – Gallery Putti, Riga
Rule The World – Friends of Carlotta, Zurich
Shanghai Design Week, Shanghai

  • 2013

Schmuck You! – Galerie Biró Junior, Munich
It is snowing a little – Gallery Putti, Riga
YES NO BLACK WHITE – Brody Studios, Budapest
Gallery Iang, Seoul


  • 2012

What's in a frame – 3 stations, Munich
Galerie für Schmuck, Flensburg
Sterling Gallery, Budapest
Filter Gallery, Budapest
Künstlerhaus, Vienna
Schmuck wander – Slovak Institute, Berlin

  • 2011

Made in Hungary – Kunsthalle, Budapest
Brooch – Sterling Gallery, Budapest
What is this! – Faur Zsofi Gallery, Budapest

  • 2010

Equilibrium: Boday as Site – Stanlee and Gerald Rubin Center for the Visual Arts, Texas

I love you – Sterling Gallery, Budapest
Jewellery of the Year
Kunsthalle, Budapest

  • 2009

MOME MILANO – Palace of Arts, Budapest

SaloneSatellite, Milan
Ludwig Museum, Budapest
Galerie Rob Koudijs, Amsterdam


  • 2008

Sterling Galéria, Budapest
CODA Museum, Apeldoorn
Museum of Applied Arts, Budapest
Custard Factory, Birmingham

  • 2007

Salone Satellite, Milan

Aire – Galerie Isidro Miranda, Buenos Aires
Fashion Show – Museum of Ethnography, Budapest
Jewellery Show – Kunsthalle, Budapest
New Generation – Sterling Gallery, Budapest


  • 2006

Air – Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe, Hamburg

SIERRAD Award New Traditional Jewellery – Amsterdam RAI, Amsterdam
Plastic-Works – Museum of Ethnography, Budapest
Museum of Applied Arts, Budapest

  • 2005

Museum of Applied Arts, Budapest


  • 2003

Design Biennale, Saint Etienne

Works in Public Collections

Museum of Applied Arts, Budapest
Petőfi Literary Museum, Budapest